What's happening in Santa Fe schools?

Cate Moses, a Santa Fe parent, just sent in this comment, after reading the influential post by Sue Peters called “How to tell if your district is infected by the Broad virus.”  See also our Parent Guide to the Broad Foundation’s Training Programs.  You can also check out the new memo, recently disclosed, revealing plans by the Broadies to further expand their influence across the country.  Cate alerts us to a similar program, called the Harvard Urban Superintendents Program. Anyone interested in contacting Cate, especially Santa Fe parents,  can email her at catemoses@gmail.com

Thank you Sue!  I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where our new superintendent Joel Boyd has just arrived from Philadelphia, with a posse of Broad Foundation cronies.  His “degree” is from the Harvard Urban Superintendents Program–which has the same agenda and methods as the Broad–and many of the same board members, etc.

Sadly, after taking your virus test, I can see that Santa Fe Public Schools is deeply infected by the Broad virus already.  Santa Fe can beat this thing if we have the will and endurance.  I’m hoping we do.

In Philadelphia, Boyd was assistant super to Arlene Ackerman, whom he has already brought in as a consultant and is probably about to hand a 6-figure job, as he has with several other Broadies, including Joseph Wise.   These goons orchestrate exactly the same train wreck in every school district: swoop in to “save” it, provide a taxpayer-funded banquet for the corporate investors and purveyors of trash curricula, fire teachers, bust unions, close neighborhood schools, pad administration with 6-figure positions for their cronies, bankrupt the district, and move on.  No sooner are they gone than a massive test-cheating scandal breaks and any gains in test scores they took credit for are found to be fraudulent.   Then the mop-up crew of Broadies comes in and achieves the Final Solution: privatization–for the profit of the McCharters and “e-learning academies.”

They know no shame.

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