What parents can do during Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11

The SOS March folks are planning nationwide actions during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-11) and Teacher Appreciation Day (May 8th). You can upload a flyer with these same suggestions here. Share it around! Please especially note the 12th bullet point…

Here’s what they are suggesting:

Small cards, well wishes from our students, chocolates or a pencil holder are certainly welcomed by your teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Yet, to be frank, to truly appreciate your teachers as dedicated hard working educators that, despite cuts, high risk tests and overcrowded classrooms, continue to give our kids the best education possible…

Then stand up for them – and for your schools.

Save Our Schools-America is asking parents and community organizations across the country to take action in support of public schools, teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week or on Teacher Appreciation Day. If we are to be truly appreciated as teachers, the nation has to stop attacking us. The idea is to bring public attention to the privatization of our public schools, the demoralization of staff through the continued attacks on our salaries, livelihoods and the very way we teach-with little, if any, of our input to lawmakers and politicians..

Here are some ideas:

  • Film showings, at a local college, hall, church, or in your home) like The Inconvenient Truth about Waiting for Superman or TEACH.
  • Discussions of books/articles with friends, such as Diane Ravitch’s excellent book, The Death and Life of the American School System.
  • A ten minute discussion with a parent at lunch.
  • Conversations with neighbors, community organizations.
  • Letters to editors/media.
  • Letters or visits to your legislators.
  • Tables at spring fairs/festivals, etc.
  • Contact your local, state or national education association.
  • Attend a public hearing on educational or budget issues.
  • Have a fundraising party (dance, pot luck, music jam, etc.).
  • A Youtube parent flash mob.
  • Contact and volunteer for Parents Across America (WE LIKE THAT IDEA!)
  • A meeting with your Parent Association (PTA, HSA)
  • Brainstorm different ideas with other parents/

Of course, there’s always your twitters, facebooks, etc.

Thanks for truly appreciating the educator in your district by considering any action or event that supports their work in your community.

SOS as a nationwide watchdog and activist organization for public schools. Save our Schools-America www.saveourschoolsmarch.org

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