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but if you missed this week’s issue, here’s summary:
Actions of the week
Sounds like a broken record, but ESEA is still moving — though a bit slower then first thought (it was supposed to be done by now!) and we need to be a part of the debate.

1) Use this handy form from FairTest to contact your Senators on grade span testing.

2) Call your Senator’s district office and make an appointment to see him/her and/or his/her aide during the upcoming break, March 30-April 10. In-person visits by constituents are one of the most effective ways to influence your representatives.

3) Keep working on your House reps. Dissension in the Republican ranks, including those who want to do away with the Department of Education and Common Core/national testing entirely, gives us time and some opportunity to keep pressing our points as outlined in our 1-page chart. So, consider making an appointment with your Congressperson during the break. Even if HR 5 has passed by then, there will be negotiations between the Senate and the House on any final ESEA bill, so House votes will still be important.

PAA/PAAers in the News
PBS flashed a picture of PAAers and our banner (from a few years back!) in a very good story about opting out which featured leader of PAA affiliate New Jersey Save Our Schools, Julia Sass Rubin, and her wonderful daughter Raisa, who schooled the nation on opting out.
PAA founding member Helen Gym has submitted 6 times the needed signatures to qualify as a candidate for Philadelphia City Council. Go,Helen!
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