Videos from PAA Week

PAA_wk3_1PAA Week Day 6: Test Stress and our Children (7-24-15)

  • PAA’s Laura Bowman and Julie Woestehoff talk about PAA’s extensive research into the negative effects of the misuse and overuse of standardized tests on our children, and how PAA thinks we should do instead. .

PAA Week Day 5: Local Heroes, Walking the Walk (7-23-15)

  • Campaign and public service stories from PAA founding members Natalie Beyer, Sue Peters, and Helen Gym.

PAA Week Day 4: Lobbying Congress (7-22-15)

  • PAA’s Pamela Grundy and Julie Woestehoff walk you through the halls of Congress and how to be an effective advocate for public schools and our children.

PAA Week Day 3: The Impact of Race, Poverty and Cultural Bias on Educational Opportunity: Next steps (7-21-15)

  • PAA’s Nate Harris, Khem Irby, Deb Mayer, and Julie Woestehoff expand on our program focus with ideas for addressing the opportunity and resource gap.

PAA Week Day 2: Messaging with FairTest’s Bob Schaeffer  (7-20-15)

  • Join in this informative discussion with Bob Schaeffer, FairTest’s Communications Director, who shares his tips and wisdom for better ways to get our message across.
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