Tentative schedule for PAA Week

PAA_wk3Tentative schedule and activities for “PAA Week”

July 19-25, 2015


All times are tentative; schedule is subject to change.

Links to join sessions will be made available prior to the sessions.


Day 1 – Sunday, July 19, 2015, 8 PM ET: Kick-off (internal PAA session*)

This session will be repeated sometime during the week based on feedback on a Doodle schedule.


Day 2Monday, July 20, 1:30 – 2:30 PM ET: Focus on messaging (first part public**; discussion will be internal PAA session*)

Special guest presenter: Bob Schaeffer, Communications Director, FairTest


Day 3 – Tuesday, July 21, 1:30 PM ET; repeated 9 PM ET: Next steps in our race, poverty and education work (public session**)

PAA Board members will make this presentation based on the workshop we presented at the Network for Public Education conference in April 2015.


Day 4 – Wednesday, July 22, 11 AM ET: Focus on federal advocacy (public session**)

PAA’s Capitol Hill Toolkit.


Day 5 – Thursday, July 23: Focus on state and local advocacy (public presentation**/internal PAA session*)

PAA heroes and success stories. TBA
Day 6 – Friday, July 24, 11 AM ET; repeated 9 PM ET: Focus on test stress research (public session**)

PAA members will present preliminary findings on the mental health effects of high-stakes testing on our children.


Day 7 – Saturday, July 26, 11 AM ET: Wrap up (internal PAA session*)

Discussion on goals and objectives for the year.


*These sessions will be recorded but not publicly posted, though we may use some clips.

**Full or partial sessions will be recorded, posted and available to the general public.


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