Support for teachers in North Carolina

PAA affiliate joined several thousand other activists for the final “Moral Monday” protest against the broad range of ALEC-driven legislation enacted in the just-concluded session of North Carolina’s legislature.

In a sweeping series of bills, state legislators lowered taxes on corporations and wealthy residents, while cutting education, health care, unemployment and a wide range of other programs. They also took aim at many basic rights, enacting one of the nation’s most stringent set of voting restrictions as well as measures designed to reduce access to abortions.

In education, legislators cut teachers and teacher assistant positions, abolished class size caps, reduced the number of pre-K slots, and started the state’s first private school voucher program. They also eliminated career status for teachers and cut added pay for masters’ degrees. North Carolina teachers, who have not seen a raise in years, are currently 48th in the nation in pay. A recent study showed they have lost more ground than teachers in any other state since 2008.

Parents and educators realize that these draconian measures will drive North Carolina’s top teachers to other states and other professions for employment. So they are pulling together to fight back. The Moral Monday events drew thousands of people to Raleigh every week, and almost 1,000 people chose to be arrested in protest of the legislators’ actions. Now that the legislature has adjourned, the Moral Monday events will begin to travel around the state, helping local activists come together, organize in their communities, and prepare for the 2014 elections.


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