Students choke on "reform" when lunch is 10 minutes long

So-called education “reform” means teaching to the test, narrowing curriculum — and truncating lunch to 10 or 15 minutes. School food advocates object in a post on the popular The Lunch Tray blog.

As I explained in a comment on the blog, educators aren’t the ones who think insanely short lunches are a good idea. As this commentary mentions, they are under intense (seriously intense, crushing) pressure from the non-educators who control our nation’s education policy.

The truncated lunches are part of a bigger picture.  That’s why educators and parents should set the direction for our education policy — not the billionaires, hedge-funders and corporate titans who are currently driving it. (All of whom, by the way, send their kids to private schools that operate in the exact opposite manner of the schools these powerful people advocate for OTHER people’s children. I guarantee that if we check into the length of the lunch period at Sidwell Friends, where President Obama’s daughters go, it’ll be a lot longer than 15 minutes.)

— Caroline Grannan, San Francisco

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