Save Our Schools NJ

New Jersey currently has  one of the best public school systems in the country.

Check out the policy goals of one of our newest affiliates, Save Our Schools NJ, formed  to preserve the quality of New Jersey’s public school system from devastating budget cuts and privatization.

Save Our Schools NJ (SOSnj) is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of parents and other concerned residents who believe that all New Jersey children should have access to a high quality public education.

Our group initially formed in early 2010 – during the State Budget cuts – when we created a successful phone bank to ensure the passage of our local school budget.  It quickly became clear that it will take many voices over a sustained period of time to ensure that our children’s education is not compromised to political and ideological objectives.  Thus, what was an ad hoc movement has grown into Save Our Schools NJ.

SOSnj’s goals are to preserve and protect New Jersey’s public schools by:

* Establishing a statewide network of individuals willing to let politicians know they support public schools.

* Keeping the community at large and our legislators informed about issues and legislation that directly impact our children’s education, both locally and at the state level.


We oppose legislative and regulatory actions that threaten the health of NJ’s public schools:

1. Further drastic cuts to the State’s education budget
2. Reductions in State resources that support high-quality education in low-income districts
3. Unfettered expansion of charter schools regardless of quality or host community wishes
4. Publicly funded vouchers to pay for private or religious education

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