Requiem for a Librarian

By Pamela Grundy

I have never met anyone who loves books and reading more than Margaret Hollar, our Shamrock media specialist. That love shows in her face whenever she picks a book up from her desk, looks at the cover, then pages intently through, searching for a favorite passage.  It fills her voice as she expounds on characters or turns of phrase or the many different lessons she believes stories can teach. And it is shining at full force this morning, as she sits at one end of our media center and describes the “Gift of Reading” program she’s created. Each year Shamrock staff and volunteers gather several hundred books, enough for every student to give one to a classmate as a gift. Books are wonderful, Ms. Hollar explains, but they’re even better when they’re shared. . . .

Last Friday, May 13, Ms.Hollar got a pink slip.

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