Every parent and community member should see the Killing Ed film

KillingEdSharonFor less than $20, you can learn everything you need to know about the Gulen (aka Charter/Harmony/etc.) chain of charter schools and the Turkish imam behind the largest charter school network in the United States.

The Killing Ed film is now available on dvd online.

Our wonderful founding member, Sharon Higgins, is truly the star of this important documentary. Her brave and persistent digging into the Gulen movement and its power strategy was critical to public exposure of the sinister workings of this cult which uses charter schools as a front for collecting U.S. taxpayer dollars for its operations and for bringing its members into the U.S. from Turkey.

Turkey 2Why do so many parents allow their children to attend these schools? Some may be unaware of the schools’ deep connection to Turkey. The public relations effort by Gulen is as powerful as it is misleading. But even a little attention ought to raise some red flags…starting with the Turkish flags the schools display and the fact that many or most of the teachers, administrators, and board members are Turkish.

Gulenists like to accuse their critics of bigotry or racism. Killing Ed makes it clear that all parents and communities should be up in arms against this organized threat to democratic public schooling which our tax dollars are funding.

Buy a copy of Killing Ed and watch it with your friends and family. And instead of watching our congressional representatives take off on yet another junket to Turkey courtesy of the Gulen movement, we should insist that they turn off the pipeline of funds flowing freely to a secretive cult. We should insist that they put an end to any federal support for charter schools that are not accountable to the public through elected school boards. And each one of us should send our Senators and Congresspeople a copy of Killing Ed so that they will stop being the dupes of this dangerous organization.

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