PAA-Oregon fighting Stand for Children’s school board power grab

Standing ON Children (and everyone else…)

Deb Mayer, a member of the PAA Board of Directors and leader of PAA-Oregon, was mentioned in Diane Ravitch’s blog a couple of weeks ago. Diane shared a link to Deb’s article about the vicious attack on a Portland school board member by Stand for Children, which had backed a losing candidate in a recent school board election. Looking for enough votes to push their corporate education agenda, SFC is using some slimy techniques and a bushel of Gates money to try to get their way despite the decision of voters.

You can read Deb’s excellent article for details of the fiasco and how PAA-Oregon and others are fighting back. We echo Diane’s warning – “Stand for Children represents Bill Gates and the rest of the zbillionaire Boys Club that funds SFC. They are not working on behalf of the children and families of Portland. Don’t be fooled.”

That goes for parents everywhere – don’t be fooled!

And email us ( if you have stories about Stand for Children. We are working on a few strategies to challenge this behemoth group of astroturfers.

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