Parents Across America opposes arming teachers

Parents Across America fiercely opposes any effort to arm teachers against intruders, an irrational plan that is clearly designed to avoid the essential, thoughtful policy decisions about gun control that most Americans want, and that must be made in order to more effectively protect our children from the growing threat of mass school shootings.

Never has it been more obvious that the NRA and gun sellers value weapon sales more than human life, even the lives of children.

President Trump’s proposal to arm teachers is just one more strategy to deflect attention away from the horrifying effects of assault and automatic weapons. No one should have a weapon that can mow down dozens of children within minutes.

Calling on teachers to do a job that generally requires rigorous physical, mental and emotional screening, specialized study and training, and extensive, ongoing practice defies logic. Adding such a huge responsibility to teachers’ already overextended duties is unfair. Most importantly, it will not make our children safer.

Parents Across America supports the teachers who reject this absurd proposal. We stand with the Parkland students who have so eloquently and clearly stated what they believe needs to happen in order to prevent other students from experiencing their nightmare. We stand with all parents who have lost their precious children to gunfire. We join them in our determination to oppose any plan to arm teachers. We will help parents across the nation challenge politicians who take money from the NRA, and work toward a full ban on automatic and assault weapons.

In short, we will do whatever it takes to protect our children.


PAA is a grassroots organization that connects parents of all backgrounds across the United States to share ideas and work together to improve our nation’s public schools. PAA is committed to bringing the voice of public school par­ents – and common sense – to local, state, and national education debates.

PAA currently has 47 chapters and affiliates in 26 states.

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