The choices parents really want

Check out Anthony Cody’s latest on Ed Week about Michelle Rhee’s new organization, StudentsFirst.¬† He features a quote from PAA member, Leonie¬† Haimson, about how Rhee does not really offer parents the choices they want, and their kids need and deserve:

Parents want the most basic choice of all: a good public school that their child has the right to attend. All children need the guarantee of a quality education, not just for a select few. That means improving all of our schools by providing them with sufficient and equitable funding, small classes, experienced teachers and a well-rounded curriculum.

Michelle Rhee’s organization is not supporting any of these important goals, but is undermining them by offering the promise of false “choices” through the further expansion of charter schools and vouchers, that starve our public schools of resources by taking taxpayer money to fund schools run by private organizations that are not accountable to the public. Charter schools do not take their fair share of the neediest students, suffer from extremely high student and teacher attrition rates, and in national studies, have no better results.

A strong public education system is essential to our democracy. The proliferation of charters and private schools will undermine the health of the public schools as a whole.

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