PAA asks Senators to co-sponsor grade-span testing bill

PAA just faxed this letter to all 100 U.S. Senators:

Parent Voices Education Fax

May 7, 2015

Please co-sponsor S.1025

to return to sensible, limited use of standardized tests


Why are parents opting out of testing in record numbers?

There is a growing movement of parents and students across the U.S. opting out of standardized tests. This phenomenon is taking place because parents, students, teachers, and other educators believe that the misuse and overuse of tests has reached a crisis point. Test mania in the U.S. is simply harming children and destroying meaningful teaching and learning.


PAA’s position

PAA believes that excessive reliance on standardized exams narrows the curriculum, promotes teaching to the test and leads to unfair and unreliable evaluations of students, teachers, and schools. We support high-quality accountability measures and reliable assessments including true multiple measures.


What can Senators do?

PAA asks you to sign on as a co-sponsor of and support S.1025, the Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act, which limits required state standardized tests to one in each grade span.

PAA believes that a fair and effective assessment and accountability system should:

  • use multiple factors in the evaluation of schools, teachers and students and should include a variety of evidence of learning gathered at different points in time, within and across subject areas,
  • have meaningful input from administrators, teachers and parents,
  • require that all standardized tests be made public and available for review in a timely manner after they have been given,
  • include less standardized testing overall, utilizing tests as diagnostic tools, not as a way to punish students, teachers and schools, and
  • allow parents to opt their child out of any standardized test.

Parents Across America is a national network of grass-roots parents of all backgrounds across the U.S. who support quality public education for every child. For more detail, please see PAA’s position statement on NCLB, “What Parents Want in a New Federal Education Law,”

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