NPE 2016 conference report

We had a wonderful time in Raleigh NC at the Network for Public Education (NPE) conference.  It’s always great to see the friends and heroes we work with, and to hear about the many wonderful things people are doing around the US.
You can watch many of the speeches and panels at

We were also really happy with the workshop we presented, which you can view using the livestream video here:

As part of the session, we asked attendees to form small groups and draw or otherwise envision the elements of an ideal school in the context of our presentation about the uneven playing field for students of color and/or poverty.

You can take a look at the wall notes here.

We also handed out our fact sheets on the Impact of Race and Poverty on Educational Opportunity and hope attendees will help us continue to spread this information widely.

Many thanks to our presenters, moderator Dora Taylor, Nate Harris, Khem Irby and Deb Mayer.

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