Message from PAA to entertainment media about WBD movie

As hype for the “Won’t Back Down” movie heats up, PAA sent this message to entertainment media:

In case you are preparing to interview the stars of the controversial new film “Won’t Back Down,” or review the movie, Parents Across America would like you to be aware of the following facts:

1.       Walden Media which produced the film also co-produced the movie “Waiting for Superman”.  The people at Walden Media have admitted that they had a specific political agenda in making this film.  In an interview in the NYT, Walden’s CEO said they realized “there were inherent limitations of the documentary format,” of W4S, and they wanted to reach a larger audience through characters who struggle with issues that are “ripped from the headlines.”

2.       While the film doesn’t mention the “Parent trigger” law by name, the ads describe the film as being “inspired by actual events” and depict parents signing a petition to take over a struggling school.  Michelle Rhee and others have been showing the film in screenings around the country to promote the Parent Trigger legislation, which calls for similar measures.  In our FAQ on the movie, we provide some background about how the Parent Trigger legislation was first developed, how it has been disseminated by the right-wing group ALEC, and how it has never successfully worked to bring about true parent empowerment and why it is unlikely to do so in the future.

3.       There are many grassroots parent groups throughout the country involved in real-life “Won’t Back Down” struggles:  protesting to strengthen rather than close their neighborhood schools, fighting for the right to opt their children out of high-stakes testing, and opposing budget cuts and increased class sizes.  If you would like to know more about these stories, or if you have questions about the Parent Trigger, feel free to contact Parents Across America at  or the following PAA members:

Leonie Haimson, NY

Dawn Collins, Louisiana

Caroline Grannan, CA

Rita Solnet, FL

Pamela Grundy

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