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webinar3-2-15Last night’s webinar was informative, disturbing, and energizing!

Here’s the link to listen in on the program for those who were not able to join us last night, or for anyone who wants to get a second look at the data and other resources we provided.

We want to thank Dr. P.L. Thomas, who has become something of a mentor to PAA, for his significant role in the webinar. Also contributing were PAA leaders Nate Harris, who moderated the webinar, and Lourdes Perez, Dora Taylor and Julie Woestehoff, who added their thoughts and information to the discussion -thank you!

In addition to the information and issues presented on the webinar slides, we wanted to share some of the suggestions our presenters made for further reading.

  • Dr. Thomas blogs here. Here is a list of relevant recent blog posts

Also recommended:

  • Diane Ravitch, any book, but her new one, “The Reign of Error,” is especially timely and complete. Keep up with her daily blog here.
  • Bruce Baker, School Finance 101, especially his recent Primer on school funding.
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