PAA’s State Legislative Advocacy Toolkit

PAA’s Local School Board Advocacy Toolkit


PAA’s legislative position papers, listed from most recent to oldest:

Implementing ESSA: What parents value and how Congress and the states should act

Fax to Congress 9-10-15 on reconciling the House and Senate ESEA proposals

PAA priority positions on S 1177, the “Every Child Achieves” Act (July 2015)

PAA position on Senate ESEA proposal (Feb. 2015)

PAA position on HR 5, the House ESEA bill (Feb. 2015)

PAA position on a new ESEA: What parents value and how Congress should act (Feb. 2015)

PAA endorses Michigan parents’ statement on ESEA and teacher preparation (Feb. 2015)

PAA position paper on real parent choice (Jan. 2015)

PAA statement on ESEA and testing (Jan. 2015)

PAA on student data privacy (Jan. 2014)

PAA on reforming ESEA (2011)