June 7th 2012

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Another “Waiting for Superman”?
Let’s challenge Hollywood “parent trigger” movie!   

Today PAA sent around our “thumbs down” review of the trailer for an upcoming movie called “Won’t Back Down.”


First the corporate reformers tried to sway the public against public schools and teachers with the pseudo-documentary, “Waiting for Superman,” and now they are bringing out big name stars in a big-budget movie to push the “parent trigger” method of school closure and privatization.


Both films were produced by Walden Media owned by conservative media mogul Philip Anschutz.


The WBD trailer claims the film is “based on real events” and is clearly using the real “parent trigger” effort in Compton CA as a springboard – but WBD completely distorts what happened there.


For example, the movie shows Maggie Gyllenhall’s “just-a-mom” character leading a petition drive to “take over” the school. In real life, it was an outside organization promoting a specific charter school that started the campaign, using paid organizers to gather signatures.



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