How did some African-Americans get on wrong side of ed reform?

Karran Harper Royal at the SOS conference, August 4, 2012 in Washington DC, discusses how some African-Americans got on the wrong side of education reform.

And how an you tell if you’re on the wrong side of reform: Does the policy shut down open debate? Does it remove the democratic process? Do parents get to elect the charter board? Do the policymakers have to focus on a villain, in this case, teachers and unions as the bogeyman?  Do they insist on closing schools rather than improving them?  Do they impose on high stakes decision for children or teachers or schools?  Do they talk about return on investment and are there billionaires pulling the strings?  Do they focus on “school choice” over civil rights?  These are signals that they are on the wrong side of education reform.  And yet it’s easy to fall into the wrong side.  Check out Karran’s brilliant analysis why.  Thanks to Norm Scott for the video.

SOS12 Karran Harper Royal: How [some] African Americans and Civil Rights Leaders Got on the Wrong Side of the Ed Reform Movement from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

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