Federal tax proposal bad for public education

Here’s the fax we sent today to every member of Congress:

Parent Voices Education Fax

December 7, 2017

Public Education at risk – parents want federal tax fixes

Dear Representative,

Parents Across America recently shared with you a summary of the results of our first national parent survey, “Real Parent Voice – Real Parent Choice.” Survey responses confirmed our concern that too much of the current education policy making happens without any meaningful parent input, and often in complete opposition to parents’ priorities and concerns.

This disconnect has become especially evident in the current federal tax proposals. While the largest number of respondents to our survey said that adequate school funding was very important or important, Congressional tax proposals would cut overall education funding, redirect scarce resources to private and religious schools and other voucher-type programs, undermine local and state school funding mechanisms, and take away teachers’ tax breaks on materials they purchase for their classrooms. This is unacceptable to most parents.

We believe that funds directed toward privatization efforts such as expanded charter and online schools or vouchers would be better used by public schools, which are clearly accountable to the public, have an overall better track record, and are open to serve all children. Tax incentives for local school fund generation are critical to public education budgets. And removing the small teacher tax break for out-of-pocket classroom expenses is an unnecessary slap in the face to some of our nation’s most valuable professionals.

Instead, we ask that, as Congress reconciles the House and Senate plans, you:

  • oppose expansion of 529 accounts which would allow the wealthy to use tax dollars to pay for their own private school tuition instead of their fair share of public education;

  • restore deductions for state and local taxes which support public schools so that families are not double-taxed, and

  • put back the small tax break on teachers’ out-of-pocket classroom expenses, a small gesture of support for these local heroes.

Thank you.


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