Fact sheets on the Impact of Poverty, Race and Cultural Bias on Educational Opportunity

PAA has collected a set of fact sheets that vividly demonstrate the impact of poverty, race and cultural bias on educational opportunity. What these facts show is that:

  • There is no “level playing field.”
  • Corporate reformers and many elected officials have us fighting the wrong war – a war against public education — rather than addressing the real problems of poverty and racism. ESEA/ESSA has taken us down the wrong road
  • There are programs and approaches supported by parents that address the real problems poor students and students of color face.

Read and share our policy brief.

The full fact sheets are here.

We have also presented two webinars on this topic:

March 2, 2015, with Dr. Paul Thomas

July 21, 2015, one of our PAA Week 2015 sessions

Finally here are some ideas about how to address the real challenges facing student in poverty and students of color.

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