Confessions of a Bad Teacher: Buy the Book!

We were delighted when teacher/author John Owen asked for a book jacket blurb from PAA, and even more thrilled to see that he concludes “Confessions of a Bad Teacher” by recommending that people join Parents Across America as a first step in addressing the concerns raised in the book. He even includes our What Works/What Doesn’t Work statement (see page 232).
The book went on sale on August 7. The publicity material calls it “The book ‘school reformers’ don’t want you to read.” This book proves why America must:
  • Stop the ‘bad teacher’ witch hunt
  • Return Public schools to the public
  • Give our kids a real education,…not just test prep

John Owens’ book is an expansion of the same-name Salon article he wrote a couple of years ago.

Here’s the blurb by PAA co-founder Julie Woestehoff:

“Confessions of   a Bad Teacher by John Owens is a vivid account of life in the corporate school reform trenches, with all the agony, comedy, hope and humiliation experienced by so many of today’s public school teachers. Owens goes beyond telling war stories to reflect on the big picture of bad policies and politics that drive the school day, and to offer some steps readers can take to preserve and protect the precious gift of democratic public education.”

The book’s web site also provides an opportunity for teachers, parents, students and others to share our stories.

Read more here.

Order your copy here!

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