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We object to unbalanced witness list of House Ed Committee hearings

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The Education and Workforce Committee of the US House of Representatives is holding hearings on “innovation” in education policy today. The  list of witnesses completely excludes the people who have the greatest stake in public school improvement – parents. The witnesses also represent a single, ideologically driven approach to educational policy that has yet to produce significant benefits for American schoolchildren. All four witnesses are pro-privatization: Dr. Tony Bennett, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction,  a strong supporter of charter schools …

Parents Across America forum featuring Diane Ravitch

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Parent advocates from across the country converged on New York City on Monday night for the first national forum of Parents Across America, the parent-led movement to make sure parent  voices heard in the national debate over education reform, and to promote positive, commonsense solutions that will work to improve our public schools. Speaking to a crowded audience of about 350 parents, community members and     educators, Dr. Diane Ravitch warned about the ways that excessive reliance on standardized tests and privatization through …

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