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Ignoring the hard-won progress of English learners

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The ballyhoo over a new school grading website piqued my interest, so I surfed over to ColoradoSchoolGrades.com to check it out.  After all, the power partners that have coalesced around the website’s development and launch know how to make a splash.  And why wouldn’t I be interested in the fact that they’ve taken the pains to offer information in Spanish? After just a few searches for some of the schools in my southwest Denver subdistrict, however, I see that this …

Paying attention to reforms that work for English learners

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While the politics of education reform swirl all around us, it’s important to keep clear on what works and what doesn’t. The good news is that the Denver Public Schools is actually doing very well in supporting a particular segment of our student population, English learners. The confusing part is that we seem ready to ignore that fact and follow a path that is completely divergent from real, lasting reform. The right path to close the achievement gap and provide …