Action of the week for 11-29-12: No “Cliff”hanger for our children!

Congress and the White House are working to resolve the “sequestration” threat set up by their failure to agree on a federal budget last year. Without a budget agreement, massive across-the-board program cuts will kick in. This may include:
Loss of 100,000 Head Start slots.
* Service cuts to 500,000 special needs students.
* An end to Title 1 grants, affecting 2 million students.
* Huge class size increases and service cuts as districts are forced to terminate tens of thousands of teachers and support staff.
* PAA supports saving money by cutting ineffective and damaging programs like Race to the Top, massive new testing systems to support the Common Core, and further expansion of charter schools. We oppose cuts that harm the neediest children and communities.

What can you do?
Call your Congressman and Senators today and make sure they support education spending – but only those programs that are supported by research, not wealthy philanthropists. E-mail them PAA’s fact sheet, “Research showing NCLB Doesn’t Work and PAA Positions Do.” (downloadable pdf here).

And consider signing this petition, “Do not throw our kids over the fiscal cliff; raise taxes on wealthy & cut Race to the Top instead!” by Class Size Matters and PAA co-founder Leonie Haimson.

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