ACT: Hispanics are not for sale!

by Lourdes Pérez Ramírez, founder of PAA Florida affiliate HispanEduca


ACT has been courting Florida for more than 4 years, making fun & enjoying students’ failure with FCAT. After all, money speaks, right @ACT?

What an irony! The testing mogul is coming to a state where Hispanics are becoming the majority minority in many counties. However, in 2011 ACT (specifically ACT former Media Relations Director, Scott Gomer and former Communications VP, Rose Rennekamp) told HispanEduca’s founder, that, and I quote:

“Messaging Hispanics is not an ACT business strategy.”

So ACT, who are you going to talk now that so many of your “end users” (to use a marketing terminology) are Hispanics, not only in Florida, but in many other states?

In fact, if there is a testing business that does not want to understand, does everything to diminish, and insult Hispanics, that is ACT (American College Testing).

It is unfortunate that having a CEO like Jon Whitmore, former San José University (CA) and Texas Tech University (TX), states heavily dominated by Hispanics; a man who has been exposed to the Hispanic community, who lived among them and was respected by them, has done NOTHING to understand the needs of the public school Hispanic population and the injustice that your kind of tests are doing against them and other minorities.

“We don’t have as much money as SAT to do that,” Whitmore told me one day at his office while I interviewed him for a speech he was going to give at Excelencia in Education event.

It is unfortunate that your human resources practices allow mangers to abuse minorities and favor white employees.

It is unfortunate that when hiring new employees, even when African-Americans apply for the positions, your managers prefer to hire White candidates with close ties to Iowa. Let me know if you want me to give you more examples of these practices.

It is unfortunate that with the millions that you earn, profiting from so many state contracts, you have not even had the decency to put together a business plan like the one I suggested before I left ACT, to address the needs of the STUDENT POPULATION THAT REPRESENTS THE LARGEST GROWTH OF ACT TEST-TAKERS.

It does not matter that you have the millions and a great marketing professional and human being like David Cumberbatch; it does not matter that you have Tom Lindsley and Charles Smith–both professional lobbyists in charge of your Washington, DC office; it does not matter that you have the immoral, cheater Tony Bennet at your side as adviser to capture Florida’s testing market (despite the fact that you played the moral compass role when you hear about students cheating in your tests-thus making you a cheater too).

Florida’s parents and parent organizations, teachers, and general public are not going to make your life easier. We now know how you work; what you do and how you do it.

And we are not for sale.

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