Where do the 2016 presidential candidates stand on education? UPDATED

PAA cannot and does not endorse any candidate, but we are committed to educating parents and the general public about where the candidates and parties stand on education issues. The information in the following table was retrieved on Feb. 10, 2016 from www.ontheissues.org/education and www.ballotpedia.org, on Feb. 15, 2016 from the candidates’ web sites, and from media reports. We have focused on the two remaining Democratic candidates and the top 6 Republican nominees based on today’s national polling. Download a pdf version of this chart (one that’s quite a bit easier to read!) here.

Candidate General education philosophy Testing Charters Vouchers Other
J. Bush (R) Lines up with much        of corporate reform agenda Pushed for more tests as Gov. of Florida Strongly supports “choice” and charter schools, started a charter school


Strongly supports Opposed FL lower class size program
B. Carson (R) Less federal involvement Supports “choice” and charters
Strongly supports


H. Clinton (D) Democratic public  schools are important Says there’s too much testing, opposes test-based teacher evaluation


Says charters should be a choice  for parents but has criticized them – says they should supplement not supplant strong public schools Opposes Supports arts education, universal pre-school
T. Cruz (R) Control belongs at local level Supports “choice” and charters
Strongly supports Abolish Common Core, Dept. of Education


J. Kasich (R) Competition key to education; give power back to local level; listen to parents
 Enacted third grade retention program Strongly supports “choice” and charters
Strongly supports Believes Bible is history, schools do not need more funding, supports constitutional amendment for school prayer


M. Rubio (R) Competition and choice will save public education; less federal involvement, stronger local role


Strongly supports charters           and “choice;” says this benefits low-income families most Strongly supports
Supports virtual/blended learning
B. Sanders (D) His comments focus primarily on higher ed Supports annual federal testing mandate but wants “holistic approach” to testing


Has supported charters, voted for more federal funding for them,    but recently stated that he opposes privately run charter schools. Opposes Supports reduced class size
D. Trump (R) Much smaller federal role in education Supports “choice”
Supports as part of “competition” Opposes teachers unions, Common Core
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