How is a standardized test like a zombie?

How is a standardized test like a zombie?

They’re mindless, and they just keep coming.


The “Stop Testing Madness in North Carolina” campaign is off to a great start, closing in on 600 signatures, and with almost half our state’s 100 counties represented.

We’re talking to school boards, superintendents and other organizations about endorsements, and working on a piece of state legislation that would place a moratorium on state-imposed consequences tied to student test scores. This would include A-F school ratings, merit pay and holding students back a grade just because they didn’t pass a state test.

We’ve been getting a terrific response. It isn’t hard to “sell” a testing madness campaign at the grass roots. We have yet to talk to anyone who isn’t already fed up with the tests.

We’ve planned our first event, a “testing zombie” rally here in Mecklenburg County, for April 9. We’ve adopted a zombie theme because it seems to fit: high-stakes tests suck time and money from teaching and learning, devour recess, art and music, deaden creativity, sap original thought. Eventually, if we let them, they will eat our children’s brains.

Plus, it’s fun to dress up like a zombie.

Check out  our new gateway page:

The petition is targeted at North Carolina residents, because they’re the ones our elected officials care about. But if you’d like to keep up with what we’re doing, please like our MecklenburgACTS Facebook page. There should be some interesting stuff coming up.


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