Why do politicians blow up when asked where their kids go to school?

Rahm Emanuel, the new Mayor of Chicago, walks out of an NBC  interview when asked when asked what school he intends to enroll  his children in. He intones: “My children are not an instrument of me being mayor.” But everyone else’s children are. Check out the video here and below.

If the report in the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet is correct, he has chosen the Lab School, where Obama sent his own kids, where Duncan went to school himself, and where they will likely receive small classes, a well-rounded education and little high-stakes testing, the opposite of the regime he has chosen for Chicago’s public schoolchildren .

See also  NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s similar response in a video below, when asked this question in conjunction with his decision to cut public school funding.

Perhaps  their sensitivity relates to their fear that people will catch onto what Patrick Sullivan has called the “condescension” of the ruling class, who insist on one sort of education  for their own kids and something entirely different for everyone else’s children.  See also this piece by Mike Winerip, or this one that  I wrote  on class bias and class size.

View more videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com.

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3 Responses to Why do politicians blow up when asked where their kids go to school?

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  2. Marie

    Being a single mother of three, I was appalled when I saw the two clips of the chi ago mayor and especially the NJ governor. They really don’t deserve to be in the positions they are if the are so out of touch , pompous, creating a society of the people that have and the those that have not is just ignorance and obvious gluttony! . When I look at the porpotion of my paycheck that is taken for taxes and I don’t have the right to know if the children in my neighborhood are learning or fed or will they be breaking down my back door? If there is not equal education for children, those children that don’t receive will be at the back doors of those that do have. My own children that went to private school for a period of time were exposed to typically very misbehave spoiled rotten children that were bullies rather than learning values of diversification, KINDNESS, integrity instead of helicopter rides of the tax dollars that come out of a single women’s pay check.. We do have the right to ask these questions ..it is not to know where there most likely spoiled kids are going to school .if they don’t believe in the school system then spend less on those suits and feed the children three quality meals a day and make sure every child an play baseball… Put the $600,000 a day making presedtiall coins invested into the. Children to be innovators, not living on mountain dew and cheetos .. the gov of nj and mayor of chicago are out of touch with the masses .. When avg parent works two jobs these days we can’t take a helicopter to our kids games and he really doesn’t even get it.. Reminds me of the little fat kids that bullied my daughter in private school… I wouldn’t even want my children to go to school with his children because he strikes me as the person that only thinks the elite deserve education , music, dance, qualitity of life…. To take those large portions out of my paycheck that allow your spouses not to work and have opportunity to shop more and not fix public schools is selfish self absorbed

  3. Susan Friendson

    Check out Patrick Finn’s book: Literacy with an Attitude. Our best bet is to keep shining a light on the hypocrisy.