What’s NOT in the Won’t Back Down Movie

Today’s Washington Post Answer Sheet offers this common-sense response to the Won’t Back Down movie written by Rita Solnet, a founding member of Parents Across America. Rita went  to a screening  of the film yesterday and had this reaction to what she didn’t see:

I didn’t see parents talking to teachers to help improve the school. No sign or talk of School Advisory Councils, of PTAs, not even parent friends talking to each other over coffee about how they could organize to speak to the principal or district or board to improve the school. Not all principals are underhanded and despicable as they are in this movie.

There were no scenes or discussions of parents at school board meetings to formally complain and formally request solutions be put in place. When you organize and speak as a group, you can be heard.

Why was this mom and teacher’s first step to conduct a takeover?   Because it is fiction.

Read the full review here; more to come.

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