Voucher amendment to Senate budget failed

PAA Board member Karen Miller shared this update on the threatened voucher amendment to the Senate budget proposal which she alerted us to last week:

The US Senate pulled an all nighter last Friday, passing its first formal budget in four years. The Democratic-drafted budget was approved narrowly by a 50-49 vote, largely along party lines with all Republicans opposing the plan. They were joined by Democratic Senators Baucus (Montana), Hagan (North Carolina), Pryor (Arkansas), Begich (Alaska). Eighty nine year old Sen Lautenberg (New Jersey) was absent.

More than 400 amendments to the Senate budget were filed by 4 PM when the meeting started, including #515 on vouchers.

The Senate soundly rejected the voucher amendment by Sen Lamar Alexander, D-Tennessee, early in the evening on a vote of 39 to 60. The Amendment’s purpose was “To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund related to the education of low-income children, which may include allowing funding under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to follow children from low-income families to the school children attend.”

No Democrat supported the Amendment. Republicans who crossed over party lines to oppose the bill include Senators Blunt (Missouri), Collins (Maine), Fischer (Nebraska), Kirk (Illinois), Moran (Kansas), Murkowski (Alaska). Independents King (Maine) and Sanders(Vermont) joined the Democrats in opposing the Amendment.

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