Victory in Wake Co. school board elections & defeat for Tea Party!

Below see the account of last night’s victory by Patty Williams of Great Schools in Wake Co. NC, an affiliate of Parents Across America.  Conservative forces had taken control of the school board with the help of a group called Americans for Prosperity, which is funded in part by the Koch brothers; the conservative majority had tried to eliminate the district’s integration policy.  For more on this, see Colbert Report video below.

This is a long story, with a happy ending.  We still have our Broad Superintendent and Broad Chief Transformation Officer, but now, Wake County has a progressive majority who will help us refocus our priorities on students and teachers with good governance and a common sense, data-driven approach to running a school system.

On October 11th, we won four seats: incumbent Keith Sutton, plus newcomers Susan Evans, Jim Martin, and Christine Kushner.  Incumbent Kevin Hill (a lifelong educator–14 years teaching in our schools, another 14 years as an elementary, middle, and high school principal) was 51 votes short of defeating tea partier Heather Losurdo.  Despite the extraordinary expense ($160,000), Losurdo called for a runoff–which Kevin Hill won yesterday.

Here and here is how our local newspaper reported yesterday’s victory.  Of course, they love to call out party affiliations, despite the fact that the race is non-partisan, but that’s what sells papers.

The bottom line: voters failed to come out in numbers in 2009, and the balance on our school board tipped way to the right.  The public became tired of the tea party antics of several of these newly-elected folks and Ron Margiotta, the Chair who had been on the board for eight years.  We turned many voters out this year, who responded positively to the idea of restoring respect to our community (after all, who wants to be called out on the Colbert Report), and making a great school system even greater.

Now, the next round of advocacy begins! —Patty Williams, Great Schools in Wake

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