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Tele-Town Hall with Diane Ravitch

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    Our Schools Alliance presents: Tele-Town Hall with Diane Ravitch Wednesday, October 16th 8:00 PM EDT “[Diane] is America’s foremost historian in the areas of education policy, she’s a champion of public education, she’s a courageous speaker and she’s a truth-teller.” –Actor, Matt Damon You are invited to join Diane Ravitch for a tele-town hall discussion of the most challenging issues facing public education today. Diane’s recent book, Reign of Error, lights the way for communities to undo corporate …

“Reign of Error” by Diane Ravitch: A Review

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  Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools Dr. Ravitch shatters one corporate reform myth after another with clarity providing excellent background information in the Notes and Appendix of this book. Because of her courageousness and direct approach, expect the corporate media to attack her because no one is left standing in this book, at least on the reform side, from President Obama’s support of school privatization to the machinations of …

The Weekly Update: Charter schools: Public or private? Brian Jones in Portland, teachers rally in Illinois and a petition to Obama: Stop privatizing our schools!

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The Weekly Update: For the news and views you might have missed First up, more Facebook pages are popping up on the subject of education: Our Village Our Schools Public Education Crusaders Long Island Chapter Save Our Schools March 350 This one is related to the climate crisis and I post it on this blog because it does affect our children. Next up, a petition to be sent to President Obama. Maybe one of these days he’ll start to listen …

video: Diane Ravitch speaks out at the AFT convention

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Diane Ravitch, our movement’s standard-bearer for real reform, at the AFT national conference On July 28, 2012. Why value-added evaluation based on test scores is junk science, and why firing teachers is not a school improvement strategy. Essential viewing for all.

The sun shone, the stars came out for the SOS march

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

After two days of movement-building speeches, workshops, and networking, the SOS march ended with a sun- and passion-drenched rally and march in the middle of Washington DC. It felt like a huge family reunion. Parents Across America was well-represented. It was so much fun to see our members meeting up with their friends from home. We even had star power – Pedro Noguera, Deb Meier, Angela Valenzuela, Diane Ravitch and, yes, Matt Damon, whose mother, Nancy Carlson Page, a professor …