Spotlight on Parent Power Indianapolis: Aleesia Johnson and Teach for America

From John Harris Loflin, a leader of Parents Across America’s Indianapolis affiliate, Parent Power Indianapolis: The hidden influence of Teach for America ideology on education in Indianapolis: A commentary on why Aleesia Johnson must not be Indianapolis Public Schools superintendent.

Parent Power Indianapolis has published a commentary about the negative ramifications to Indianapolis Public Schools if interim superintendent Aleesia Johnson becomes the school district’s leader.

They’ve connected the dots among Indianapolis’ Teach for America alumni (Indianapolis Public Schools interim leader Aleesia Johnson, the Mind Trust’s Brandon Brown, four of Hogsett’s Office of Education Innovation workers, and Enroll Indy’s Caitlin Hannon) who are close to reaching Teach for America’s goal of controlling public education in Indianapolis.

Read Parent Power Indianapolis’ commentary on why Aleesia Johnson must not be Indianapolis Public Schools superintendent: A Commentary: Why we don’t want Aleesia Johnson as IPS superintendent: Connecting the dots around TFA’s hidden influence on educational politics in Indianapolis.

Aleesia Johnson and other persons in important positions in Indianapolis’ education scene are Teach for America graduates. The analysis by Parent Power Indianapolis shows that the Teach for America program encourages participants to become involved in educational politics after just two years in the classroom. Programs like Teach for All and the Global Educational Reform Movement (GERM) have spread Teach for America’s corporate reform/privatization ideology around the world. Parents need to know this.

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