Sign our petition to Congress against education cuts now!

In states and districts all over the country, public school budgets are being slashed to the bone, and class sizes have increased at unprecedented rates, despite the fact that smaller classes have been shown to improve outcomes for all students, particularly our neediest children.

Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives has proposed cutting federal aid to education by nearly $11 billion, which would lead to even larger classes, hurt millions of students, and cause the layoffs of more teachers and other critical school staff.

Sign this letter to send a message to the President and your Senators and House member, to fully fund education, including Head Start, Title I, Title II, IDEA, afterschool and art programs, financial aid for college students, and other valuable investments.

The letter also urges them to eliminate all competitive grant programs, such as “Race to the Top.” A quality education should be a right, not a race.

The letter points out that our children deserve better; they deserve to have their potential– and our nation’s future – strengthened, not undermined. It concludes by saying that we are parents and we vote.

Feel free to edit the letter any way you like, and add personal details, which could help the letter have more impact.

And please follow up by posting the link on your Facebook page and forwarding the link to all your friends and colleagues. Thanks!

Warning: after signing our petition, parents have told us that they were re-directed by to Michelle Rhee’s petition to eliminate seniority protections from teachers.  Be sure you don’t sign that petition by mistake; since along with class size, teacher experience matters too!

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9 Responses to Sign our petition to Congress against education cuts now!

  1. Renee Hargrove

    It would be nice if what’s truly best for my students was actually considered in policy decisions!

  2. leoniehaimson

    I did ask them to stop doing that; I’ll let you know what they say.

  3. Hilary

    Wow, can’t you ask to stop doing that?

  4. Diane Brahams

    Woud like to sign the petition but the text link will not open, I don’t have pop-up blocker or anything like that on. Could you send me a link to it? I have about 3,000 parents in Los Angeles Unified School District I would like to forward to if I like what it says!
    Thanks for what you are doing,
    Diane Brahams

  5. Patrick Thompson

    An investment of money and time in our public schools, where the vast majority of our children are educated here in America, is the best investment we can make in our youth, our economy and our future. The only involvement by corporations in our schools should be exactly that and they should have nothing to do with policy. In American corporations we’re proud of paying for recruiting and maintaining talent, but in Education we’re proud of being cheap?

  6. Kristen

    I am suspicious that this is NOT Parents across America, but TEACHERS across America. Your petition seems to be ONLY interested in what serves teacher and the teacher’s union – and NOT what serves students.

  7. Kristen

    There is no detail here. What exactly are people signing except for something which looks like it gives PARENTS a voice? I think this is a tactic for teachers to once again use parents to get their own policies pushed forward. Take the word PARENTS out of this $% thing.

  8. Kristen

    There is nothing but BENEFIT to students for Michelle Rhea’s approach. Interesting that you don’t want the two groups associated.

  9. K

    I’m not a parent, but I’m studying childhood education in college right now. Children NEED opportunities to be physically active! Especially with obesity on the rise. These cuts are unethical, and there isn’t a hood enough reason to disadvantage kids like this. Cut funds elsewhere!