Sign our petition against budget cuts to schools!

In states and districts all over the country, public school budgets are being slashed to the bone, and class sizes have increased at unprecedented rates.  Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives has proposed cutting federal aid to education by nearly $11 billion, which would lead to even larger classes, hurt millions of students, and cause the layoffs of more teachers and other critical school staff.

Sign this letter to send a message to the President and your Senators and House member, to fully fund education, including Head Start, Title I, Title II, IDEA, afterschool and art programs, financial aid for college students, and other valuable investments.

Click here to send a message to the President and to Congress to restore all cuts to education!

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3 Responses to Sign our petition against budget cuts to schools!

  1. Nancy Flanagan

    Don’t cut the education budget to burnish your “fiscal conservative” credentials! Slashing education is the worst kind of short-sighted thinking.

  2. Rev. Dr. MaryEllen Stover

    Please don’t cut the budget for our childrens education. They are our future.

  3. Amy H

    As a parent and an educator, I have seen how more laws have continued to whittle away at the educational system we once had in this country. The solution is not to cut and regulate but to get out of the business of thinking the legislature knows how handle the classroom. Get them out of our classrooms and allow teachers to do what they know best. What I see down the road is our country continuing to drop below ALL other countries in education because we have no respect for the people who have chosen to teach. All we hear from congress is what we are putting on the backs of the children. Why isn’t someone talking about what we are doing to their chances to compete in the world?