Senate considering vouchers

One of our eagle-eyed members has alerted us to the fact that the Senate may be voting this afternoon on an amendment to the FY14 budget to divert some Title 1 money to private and religious schools in the form of vouchers.

Please consider calling or e-mailing your Senators as well.You can watch the vote here on C-Span.

Here’s the fax we just sent to the members of the Senate education committee voicing our opposition to vouchers.

Parent Voices Emergency Education Fax

March 22, 2013

Oppose school vouchers

 The story:Senate budget amendment includes Title 1 voucher provision

Senators Rand Paul and Lamar Alexander have teamed up to introduce an amendment to the Senate budget bill which would divert some federal Title 1 education dollars for poor children to private and religious schools. The push for vouchers was part of Mitt Romney’s campaign. Some suggest that Republicans may also try to force voucher provisions into any reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. *

Voting on these amendments may be in progress.

PAA’s position: PAA strongly opposes any kind of school vouchers or any other forms of school privatization that take resources from the schools attended by most students and put them into private hands, with less oversight.**

Polls and surveys show that the first choice of most parents is to send their child to a high-quality neighborhood school with adequate resources.***

PAA recommends that the Senate reject this voucher amendment.




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