Save Our Schools NJ: reform our broken charter school law now!

From SOS New Jersey, an affiliate of Parents Across America, working to reform their state’s charter school laws.  These principles should be followed in any state.

Reform New Jersey’s Broken Charter School Law

Save Our Schools NJ is working with lawmakers to reform three significant problems with the existing charter school law

  1. Local communities have no control over the opening of new charter schools in their districts, even though the communities must pay to run those charter schools and the funds for doing so come out of the host districts’ school budgets.
  2. NJ charter school students do not represent the demographics of their sending districts. Charter schools educate very few English as a second language students, students who qualify for free lunch, or students with special needs.  Each of these groups is more expensive to educate than the general population.  Since charter schools reduce the resources that a district has to educate its students, districts with charter schools are left with fewer resources to meet the needs of a population of students that is more expensive to educate.
  3. The existing charter legislation does not provide needed financial and educational accountability and transparency.

Take Action!

On Tuesday, June 21st, more than 500 people attended three rallies across the state in support of reforming New Jersey’s broken charter school law. We very much appreciate Senators Buono, Codey, Greenstein and Turner; Assembly members Barnes, Coutinho, Diegnan and Jasey; and the many local leaders who were there! You can find articles, videos and photographs from the rallies on the Save Our Schools NJ Facebook page.

Your efforts are paying off!  Assembly bill 3852, which requires local approval before the establishment of a new charter school, will be voted on by the full Assembly on Wednesday, June 29th.  Assembly bill 3356, which requires charter schools to be financially and educationally transparent and accountable and increases the likelihood that charter school students will demographically represent those of their sending communities, will also be brought up for a vote by the full Assembly this week.

These bills have strong popular support and bi-partisan legislative sponsors.  Please call your Assembly members and ask them to support these bills! You can find their contact information by looking up your town here.  The next step after these bills pass the Assembly is to get them brought up for a vote in the NJ Senate.  We will send an update to our members next week regarding how to help make that happen.

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