Rochester's Community Education Task Force vs. mayoral control

Check out the work being done by one of our newest affiliates, the Community Education Task Force (CETF) in Rochester:

The Community Education Task Force (CETF) is a coalition of Rochester City School District (RCSD) parents, grandparents, educators and community activists, which was formed in January 2010 for the purpose of defeating efforts to establish mayoral control of the RCSD. CETF worked collaboratively with the Rochester Teacher’s Association (RTA), Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals (RAP), Board of Education Non-Teaching Employees (BENTE), and grassroots allies in order to prevent mayoral control from passing in the legislature. This struggle is far from over, as the threat of mayoral control will likely return during the 2011 legislative session.

Currently, CETF is pushing back against the Superintendent of Rochester City School Schools, Jean-Claude Brizard. Brizard is a Broad Superintendent’s Academy-graduate who has aggressively pushed for a wide range of unsound policies while in Rochester and as an administrator in NYCDOE. Brizard’s attack on public education includes his advocacy for merit pay, elimination of seniority, expansion of charter schools, increased class sizes, closure of schools rather than meaningful support, and increased privatization while ignoring and marginalizing the voices of teachers, parents and the school community.

As part of an ongoing collaborative process among all stakeholders in the educational community, the Community Education Task Force developed a plan which will produce widespread, fundamental, systemic change, and academic improvement within the RCSD. The plan is embodied within eight (8) Guiding Principles For Educational Change:

CETF Working Principles In Brief:

1. Eliminate racism and establish cultural equity in schools
2. Establish relevant and broad-based parent, student and community involvement
3. Demand measurable accountability for all stakeholders
4. Increase local control and reject further attempts to privatize the public school system.
5. Produce widespread, broad-based civic and political engagement of all stakeholders
6. Reform standardized testing
7. Implement effective and proven approaches, including early childhood education
8. Eliminate the devastating effects of concentrated poverty

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