PSAT for 11-22-11: Give thanks for teachers

Today’s Public Schools Action Tuesday (PSAT) action is an easy one since everyone’s busy cooking and cleaning (and working) this week! To start Thanksgiving a little early, please give thanks for teachers.

The Use Your Teacher Voice web site is a good place to start. You’ll hear from a variety of teachers like David, from Social Justice High School, who explains the link between poverty and student learning difficulties.

I am so grateful to the teachers in my own family. My Dad was an education professor and reading diagnostic expert whose no-nonsense, progressive approach to student learning was a great model. My Mom is a retired elementary music teacher who went the extra mile, writing and directing a musical every year and including most of the older students so that everyone could be a part of the fun. I’m also grateful for my older sister Kris who had one of the hardest jobs – she just retired after years as a substitute teacher for emotionally disabled students in the Milwaukee Public School system. Her students loved her because she actually taught them how to read. And I’m very grateful for my brother Mark, who is an assistant principal in a Bureau of Indian Affairs high school in New Mexico where most of the students live on the school campus because their reservation homes are so far away. They have done and are doing the heavy lifting for all of us, with little recognition.

Who comes to your mind when you think of great teachers? Why not reach out to them today with a word of thanks?

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