US Uncut DC – JOBS NOT CUTS Action in the Nation's Capitol

On the day of the President’s jobs speech, US Uncut DC flies a No Cuts kite throughout the nation’s Capitol.

“What do we want? JOBS! When do we want ’em? NOW

“We’re here today because the President, Congress, and leaders in both major parties seem to have this belief that we can create jobs by cutting spending – the crazy part about this is that it’s not true.”

“Ya know, we’re 2 right now, but pretty soon we’ll be two hundred, we’ll be two thousand, we’ll be two million, because that’s what you taught us man – you taught us how to organize. What did you think we were going to do, give up before we got what we demand? Think again. Jobs Not Cuts.”

Good times were had by all. We’ll be back soon… with 200.

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