Closing Detroit school for pregnant teens; ground zero for democracy?

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See Rachel Maddow’s show from March 22, in which she explains how Robert Bobb, the Broad-trained manager of Detroit schools, plans to close the Catherine Ferguson Academy,  a special public school for pregnant teens.  In the video,  the girls enrolled in the school are shown being arrested after protesting the school’s closure.

Recently, Bobb was given expanded “emergency powers” to do an end-run around democracy.  This is what he said according to the  April 8, Detroit News about his new powers: …I do drool when I think of the pace of change we could achieve under the new law.”

Bobb is paid $420,000 a year, with one third of his salary paid by two foundations that support charter schools, including the Broad Foundation.  Coincidentally (or not), he has decided to turn over about one third of the district’s schools to charter operators, or close them.

Another school slated for closure is Detroit’s Day School for the Deaf.  For more on this, see the website of By Any Means Necessary, the Daily Kos, or the Detroit News.