Parents Unified for Local School Education

Family participation in students’ education has been shown to positively affect academic, behavioral, and social development.

Yet, there has been a systematic marginalization of parental (family) involvement in New Jersey, just like in  places like Chicago, New York and New Orleans.  When the New Jersey legislature adopted the SFRA (School Funding Formula Act) in 2008 (a policy endorsed by then-Governor Corzine and Education Commissioner Lucille Davy) parent participation at a local school level was all but removed from state law.

The Abbott vs. Burke ruling allowed stronger parental participation in the Abbott districts, and non-Abbott districts used Abbott’s School Management Teams (SMT) as a template for their local schools. However, through the years parents’ role in their local schools has been limited to that of advisors. If there is to be reform not only in New Jersey, but around the country parents must begin to participate at a local school level as decision-makers.  Parental involvement is a key component to education reform.

As Diane Ravitch noted at the Parents across America Forum in New York City on February 7, 2011,”Parents are the sleeping giant. If the sleeping giant awakens, we can take back education.” PULSE (Parents Unified for Local School Education) is pleased to  join with Parents Across America to make parent voices heard in the national debate over education reform and promote positive, common-sense solutions that will improve public schools nationwide.

Sharon Smith, PULSE

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