Parents’ CHOICE: A strong public school for every child (no to DeVos!)

PAA faxed the following to every U.S. Senator today:

Parent Voices Education Fax

January 26, 2017

Parents’ CHOICE is a strong public school for every child:

Please vote “No” on DeVos nomination

We write to ask you to vote “no” on the appointment of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education. Our request is based in large part on clear differences between her education agenda and what Parents Across America believes our children and schools actually need to succeed.* We also base our opposition on the insights into Mrs. DeVos’s agenda and activities in Michigan shared by our local affiliate which raise an alarm and deserve your attention prior to any vote on her nomination.

Our affiliate, Michigan Parents for Schools, reports that Mrs. DeVos successfully opposed efforts to hold charter schools accountable, despite the well-reported financial and other problems that have plagued Michigan’s chaotic charter school system.**

Mrs. DeVos’s opposition to charter school accountability calls into serious question

her commitment to the responsible stewardship of public education funds.

MIPFS reports that Mrs. DeVos believes K-12 education should be provided by private entities, because “government” cannot be trusted. We disagree, believing that the communities which built and have supported our local public schools over generations (i.e. local government) should have the authority over and be held accountable for running those schools in the best interests of the community. Mrs. DeVos has lobbied for vouchers for years, including unsuccessful efforts to convince Michigan voters to lift the state constitutional ban on use of public education funds to benefit private and religious schools.

Mrs. DeVos’s relentless promotion of school vouchers and privatization call into serious question

her commitment to public education and the critical role it plays in our democracy.

Please listen to the experience of Michigan parents and to the concerns and wisdom of active public school parents around the nation, who urge you to vote “no” on the Betsy DeVos nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education.

* Please see our position paper, “What is a Quality Education?”:

** See, for example, “Michigan spends $1B on charter schools but fails to hold them accountable,” Detroit Free Press, 6/22/16.

Parents Across America is a national network of grass-roots parents from all backgrounds across the U.S. who support quality public education for every child.

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