Parent Voices – Weekly Legislative Fax 2-27-13

Here’s the fax update PAA sent to the Congressional education committee members this week. Please share it with your Congressmen and Senators!

No sequestration cuts to effective education programs!

The story: Looming cuts to education

Congress needs no reminder of the major story of the week concerning education ( and other vital programs that keep our nation strong.

Three federal programs critical to education across the country — Title I funds for poor students, state grants for special education and the Head Start public pre-school program — would lose $2.7 billion over 10 years, the report predicted. As many as 15,000 teachers and aides could lose their jobs, and 10,000 special education workers could be laid off.

Schools are already under enormous pressure to succeed. Our children and their schools need more resources, including smaller class sizes, not less.

PAA’s position:

PAA believes that resources do matter, especially when invested in programs that have been proven to work. We support the expansion of sensible, research-based reforms such as pre-K programs, full-day Kindergarten, small classes, parent involvement, strong, experienced teachers, a well-rounded curriculum and evaluation systems that go beyond test scores.

PAA’s recommendation:

PAA supports saving money by cutting ineffective and damaging programs like Race to the Top, massive new testing systems to support the Common Core, and further expansion of charter schools. We oppose cuts that harm the neediest children and communities, including cuts to Head Start and special education, or cuts that would raise class size.

For more detail, please see PAA’s fact sheet, “Research showing NCLB doesn’t work and PAA positions do,”

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