Another parent targeted by Big Testing

Pencil runningJust how scared is the Big Testing cartel? Scared enough, apparently, to think it makes sense to make “examples” out of parents who speak out against the misuse and overuse of standardized tests.

We told you last month about how Heather Hicks, the leader of PAA-Ocean County NJ, became the target of an entire cautionary presentation by the COO of iNACOL (the International Association of K-12 Online Learning) at a Pearson conference. The gist of the presentation was that “these parents” are ruining our business prospects with their pesky questions. Heather posted a must-see video about the iNACOL attack.

Now another PAA leader, Danielle Arnold-Schwartz, who heads PAA-Suburban Philadelphia, has discovered that the corporate reform group Education Reform Now is using her image and story on their web site as an example of parents “exploiting” the more flexible ESSA testing rules to encourage other parents to opt out.

Danielle writes a terrific blog where she shared her reaction:

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The billionaire-funded Ed Reform Now is so scared of grassroots activists that they featured us?! Note their Board of Directors. All are in the finance field, none is an education expert.
After reading their What we do page, I had to admire their marketing finesse, but their lack of education knowledge is crystal clear (and) …. their real focus is on making profits off of our public school tax dollars.
So, parents, let’s give ourselves a pat on the back. We seem to have Big Testing running scared!
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