Position paper: Why PAA opposes mass school closingsPAA-New Orleans chapter protests charter school discrimination against disabled studentsParent “choice”: Schools choose – students loseParents VotePAA marchers begin the SOS March July 2011Founders speak at PAA kickoff forum, Feb. 8, 2011
Position paper: Why PAA opposes mass school closings
PAA-New Orleans chapter protests charter school discrimination against disabled students
Parent “choice”: Schools choose – students lose
Parents Vote
PAA marchers begin the SOS March July 2011
Founders speak at PAA kickoff forum, Feb. 8, 2011

Lorie Barzano’s testimony in Texas on parent trigger

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April 30, 2013 TX House Public Education Committee Hearing Public Testimony of Lorie Barzano Good afternoon/Evening, Committee members, guests. My name is Lorie Barzano, a public school parent, taxpayer and Chair of the Coalition to Strengthen Austin Urban Schools (SAUS), a local affiliate of Parents Across America. We are a parent led group committed to quality, accessible Public Education for all children. As parents, we actively work to support our neighborhood schools and make a concerted effort to educate ourselves …

The deception continues on the parent trigger…

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This blog was written last night by PAA founding member Rita Solnet. Today’s news was huge – Rita, PAA and other parents and parent groups in Florida have defeated the parent trigger there. More on that later, But meanwhile, some valuable insight from Rita:   Watching the Florida Senate debate the so-called Parent Empowerment bill, is like watching an episode of Truth or Dare. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Kelli Stargel (R)- Lakeland,  clumsily danced around answers to pertinent questions, like, …

PAA leader helps expose Parent Revolution carpetbagging

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Rita Solnet, PAA founding member and leader of PAA Florida affiliate Testing is not Teaching, reports that she and others have helped expose Parent Revolution’s carpetbagging. PR (an apt acronym) is a California group funded by Gates, Walton and the usual gang to promote charter schools and the parent trigger. No Florida parent group has come out in favor of the parent trigger, but Parent Revolution’s astroturfers  have staged a full-court press in the state legislature, where the bill passed …

New book includes chapter by PAA’s Dora Taylor

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Our Seattle PAA founding member, Dora Taylor, has a chapter in new book, “Left Behind in the Race to the Top: Realities of School Reform,” edited by Julie Gorlewski, State University of New York-New Paltz and Brad Porfilio, Lewis University. Dora’s chapter is called “High Stakes Testing: A Parent’s Perspective.” From the publicity flyer: Public education is suffering attacks that are well funded and extraordinarily complex and multifaceted. These conditions make it difficult for educators and citizens to gather the …

Weekly Leg Fax: Parents oppose the parent trigger

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Parent Voices Weekly Education Fax April 24, 2013 Parents oppose “parent trigger” laws The story: Support for parent trigger laws isn’t parent-based or local. The Florida legislature is currently debating a controversial “parent trigger” law which could hand public schools over to a private management company if 51% of a school’s parents sign a petition requesting that change. Parent trigger laws are being pushed across the nation by astroturf groups like Parent Revolution and Students First, and wealthy foundations such …

Our children’s data is up for sale – Literally!

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UPDATE: Because of protests from parents and his State board of education, John White, the state superintendent of Louisiana,  just announced he was pulling all the state’s student data out of inBloom.  Louisiana was the only state sharing all its confidential student data statewide except for NY with this controversial corporation called inBloom Inc., and the only other state that we know of that had already begun to send them this sensitive data, which in turn planned to provide it …

No Amendment Can Fix Parent Trigger

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By Rita Solnet Magicians call it misdirection. Salesmen call it diversion. Senators call it Amendments. Some Florida legislators are well versed in the David Copperfield method of passing hotly contested bills. Using sleight of hand, they slap on an amendment and then create the illusion that – abracadabra – all concerns are resolved, all opposition is appeased. Florida’s controversial Senate Bill 862, the Parent Empowerment bill, would create a parent trigger law enabling parents to collect signatures from 51% of …

Letter to N.C. Representatives on High-Stakes Testing

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Here’s the letter MecklenburgACTS co-chair Pamela Grundy sent to the members of the N.C. House Education Committee, requesting that they support a moratorium on high-stakes testing. Find more on the North Carolina campaign at MecklenburgACTS.org. MecklenburgACTS also published a piece on tests and zombies in the Raleigh News and Observer this past Sunday. Dear Representative, On behalf of many, many North Carolina parents, I write to ask you to support HB 775, which would impose a one-year moratorium on state-mandated …

Weekly Leg Fax for 4-17-13: Failure of market-based reform

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Parent Voices Weekly Education Fax April 17, 2013  Fix our schools, don’t privatize them  This week’s update:Market-driven school reforms, mayoral control causing more harm than good A new study, “Market-oriented education reforms’ rhetoric trumps reality,” on the effects of market-driven reform in Washington, D.C., New York City and Chicago concludes that little has been accomplished and some harm has been done to students, especially the underprivileged…. Market-oriented education reform refers to a series of initiatives that include educator evaluations based …

The Power of Play

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Parents, teachers, children at Play-In call for less testing, more playing for young children in CPS Chicago, IL: Today, dozens of parents, children and educators attended a “Play-In” organized by More Than a Score to highlight their concern that testing has taken over the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) classrooms of our youngest children, pushing play-based learning out. The group set up play areas at CPS headquarters to demonstrate the power of play. Adults played side-by-side with children using blocks, bubbles, …