How Public School Budget Cuts Herald the End of an American Dream

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Throughout the United States, the nation’s public school system is being savaged by budget cuts that will make a mockery of federal legislation designed to reduce the achievement gap between children in low income and high income districts. In Detroit Michigan, the school district has been told by the state to close half of its schools to close a 347 million dollar deficit, leading to high school classes that could contain as many as 60 students. Providence Rhode Island just …

PAA Member talking about education policy on the air

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Andrea Merida spent a good amount of time talking with Mario Solis-Marich of AM760 today about various education policy issues.  Click the little gray arrow below to listen to the interview. Andrea talks education policy topics with Mario Solis-Marich on March 2, 2011 Also, here are links to the topics she was addressing: New education recommendations from Department of Education Kansas school district gets waiver from No Child Left Behind The Kansas school district’s curriculum

Bill Ring, PAA member on LA radio KCRW (NPR station)

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Can LA Unified and Unionized Teachers Just Get Along? FEB 21, 2011

Sue Peters on the downfall of the Broad-trained Seattle superintendent

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Yesterday, Sue Peters, PAA founder was on the John Curley radio show, talking about the scandal enveloping the scandal-ridden, Broad-trained Seattle superintendent Marie Goodloe Johnson and her possible removal.- FM 97.3 talk radio in Seattle Tuesday March 1, 2011 – 9:00 pm Listen here: Sue Peters — FM 97.3

Andrea Mérida on Parents Across America

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February 15, 2011 Andrea discusses Parents Across America and education reform on Colorado’s progressive talk radio with Mario Solis-Marich on 760AM Listen Here: Andrea Mérida — 760 AM

Diane Ravitch will be on the Daily Show on Thursday; come join us!

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Diane Ravitch, the country’s foremost defender of evidence-based rather than faith-based education reform, will be a guest on the Daily Show starring Jon Stewart, this Thursday. This is a great breakthrough and reverses a long media black-out of opposing points of view on education issues. Please join Diane, other parent activists and me for a viewing party starting at 9:30 PM at the Benjamin Hotel to celebrate and watch the show together, in a fundraiser for Parents Across America, a …

Our new affiliate: Parents Across America -Spokane WA

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Spokane owes a great deal of thanks to Parents Across America and all the people who have worked so hard to save our public schools. It has been difficult to see the attacks on public education in this country, but it has also been inspiring to watch committed parent activists fight the good battle against corporate school reformers. We can’t wait to see this “Sleeping Giant” take off and we hope the Spokane chapter can be a part of that! …

Arne Duncan and Bill Gates: Dumb and Dumber

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On Saturday,  Arne Duncan warned governors about ‘dumb’ education cuts and then suggested even dumber cuts, like increasing class size: “Duncan also said that states should think selectively about increasing class sizes. The father of two grade-school-age children said he’d rather his kids be in a bigger class with a better teacher than a smaller class with a lousy one. He suggested teachers could get paid extra for getting a bigger class…” Now can anyone explain how that would help …

Teacher Heartened by PAA

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By Kay McSpadden Charlotte Observer February 26, 2o11 Being a teacher these days feels like being a voice crying in the wilderness – or perhaps just a voice crying. Since I began teaching in 1977, I can’t recall another time when public school teachers were so demoralized. . . Read more here.

Teachers in low-income, high minority Denver school face the axe

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reprinted with permission from DeFENSE Denver Readers will no doubt recall that there has been a massive hostile takeover of six different schools in the greater Montbello area. For those that aren’t familiar, this is a neighborhood in Denver, traditionally predominantly African-American but now populated by large numbers of Latinos. Montbello High School will now be broken up into three different schools. The current high school, now dubbed “Legacy,” will phase out students one year at a time. The other …