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Wal*Mart “wins” PAA’s first Bad Apple award
Our voices….our t-shirt….
Read PAA’s 2017 survey report: “Real Parent Voice – Real Parent Choice”
Handy parent resource list on current issues
Archive of PAA newsletters from September 2016
Is there a PAA chapter or affiliate in your state?
JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!

How to tell if your School District is infected by the Broad Virus

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This was originally posted on seattleducation2011. For more information see: A Parent Guide to the Broad Foundation’s training programs and education policies by Parents Across America  (or as a pdf factsheet.) Chicago has just learned that it will inherit Rochester, New York’s controversial and unpopular school superintendent, Jean-Claude Brizard (Broad Superintendent’s Academy “Class of 2007″).  Those of us who have experienced the “leadership” of  L.A. billionaire Eli Broad’s trained superintendents send Chicago our condolences. We have been there, done that, …

A Parent Guide to the Broad Foundation's programs and policies

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This guide can also be downloaded as a pdf fact sheet. A Parent Guide to the Broad Foundation’s training programs and education policies The question I ask is why should Eli Broad and Bill Gates have more of a say as to what goes on in my child’s classroom than I do? – Sue Peters, Seattle parent In recent months, three prominent school district superintendents resigned or were fired, after allegations of mismanagement, autocratic leadership styles, and/or the pursuit of …

James Milgram on the new Core Curriculum standards in math

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Just as Sandra Stotsky has criticized the new Core Curriculum standards for English Language Arts in her testimony before the Texas legislature, in his testimony, James Milgram, Professor emeritus at Stanford and a member of the Common Core Validation committee, points out their  flaws in math: I would like to testify in support of the bill Rep. Huberty filed, HB 2923, to prevent the so called Core Standards, and the related curricula and tests from being adopted in Texas. My …

Sandra Stotsky on the mediocrity of the Common Core ELA standards

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Parents have deep concerns about the Common Core standards and their associated assessments, signed onto by 43 states and the District of Columbia.  They have been adopted and developed in a rushed manner, because of pressure from the Gates Foundation and the US Department of Education, which threatened to withhold “Race to the Top” grants from any state which did not promise to adopt them. These standards and their assessments are likely to cost states and districts tens of billions …

More clap trap from CAP on class size reduction

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Last week, the Center for American Progress released a report by Matthew Chingos, who previously wrote a highly-flawed critique of Florida’s class size reduction program.  (See my recent debate with Chingos on CNN.) CAP has put out a series of crude reports posing as educational research, but this must be one of the least impressive.  Despite its title, “The False Promise of Class-Size Reduction,” lowering class size is only one of K-12 four reforms that, according to the Institute of …

The True Legacy of Seattle’s Fired (Broad Academy) Superintendent

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Originally posted in  seattleducation2011 For the Record… It looks like the Broad Foundation is actively trying to whitewash the history of their Superintendent Academy graduate, Maria Goodloe-Johnson, who was fired by the Seattle School Board earlier this month along with her handpicked CFO, Don Kennedy, for her failure to address a rampant case of fraud happening within the district’s central office. The District Administration magazine web site has  published a defense of Goodloe-Johnson written by Tom Payzant (dutifully echoed by …

Where have all the KIPPsters gone?

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By Caroline Grannan, San Francisco [Charter schools] have a distinct advantage … Their families have already chosen to be at a charter and have often jumped through numerous hoops to get there. This makes it easier for charters to create their own cultures. They can define the length of their days, dictate exactly how children dress and enforce strict codes of conduct. Those students — scholars, in charter parlance — who fall out of line don’t last. – Jonathan Mahler …

Obama, Duncan want better tests? We need better answers first.

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By Julie Woestehoff, published 4–14-11 on Huffington Post: A few days ago at a student forum, a young woman asked President Obama, “Could you reduce the amount of tests?” The President didn’t say yes. What he did say is that “we have piled on a lot of standardized tests on our kids.” He asserted that such tests should be given only “occasionally” as at his daughters’ private school, and even then the tests shouldn’t have high-stakes attached. “Too often,” he …

More evidence of charter push-outs

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By Julie Woestehoff – Don’t miss this great article by the Chicago Reader’s Ben Joravsky, which details the ridiculous inequality between Pritzker College Prep charter high school and nearby Kelvyn Park HS, a regular Chicago Public high school. Here’s how it opens: On February 16, the Union League Club gave out its Democracy in Action award to deserving local high school students, and Mayor Daley was on hand to give a rousing speech—calling on regular public schools to make like …

On School Reform, Call Off the Bushes!

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Reprinted from the John Young’s blog. Oh, lord, deliver our school children from the Bush brothers. Their dad was famously described by Ann Richards as “born on third base, and thinks he’s a triple.” That was a might harsh. But let’s face it. For George W. to have stepped forward as the answer to public schools’ every question — that stretched a double out of a dribbler. Unfortunately, tragically, his answers for the nation’s schools remain the end of every …