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In solidarity with the students: parents say, “Time’s up”
Wal*Mart “wins” PAA’s first Bad Apple award
Our voices….our t-shirt….
Read PAA’s 2017 survey report: “Real Parent Voice – Real Parent Choice”
Handy parent resource list on current issues
Archive of PAA newsletters from September 2016
Is there a PAA chapter or affiliate in your state?
JOIN US! Here’s how to start a PAA chapter!

Obama, Duncan want better tests? We need better answers first.

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

By Julie Woestehoff, published 4–14-11 on Huffington Post: A few days ago at a student forum, a young woman asked President Obama, “Could you reduce the amount of tests?” The President didn’t say yes. What he did say is that “we have piled on a lot of standardized tests on our kids.” He asserted that such tests should be given only “occasionally” as at his daughters’ private school, and even then the tests shouldn’t have high-stakes attached. “Too often,” he …

More evidence of charter push-outs

Posted on by Julie Woestehoff

By Julie Woestehoff – Don’t miss this great article by the Chicago Reader’s Ben Joravsky, which details the ridiculous inequality between Pritzker College Prep charter high school and nearby Kelvyn Park HS, a regular Chicago Public high school. Here’s how it opens: On February 16, the Union League Club gave out its Democracy in Action award to deserving local high school students, and Mayor Daley was on hand to give a rousing speech—calling on regular public schools to make like …

On School Reform, Call Off the Bushes!

Posted on by admin

Reprinted from the John Young’s blog. Oh, lord, deliver our school children from the Bush brothers. Their dad was famously described by Ann Richards as “born on third base, and thinks he’s a triple.” That was a might harsh. But let’s face it. For George W. to have stepped forward as the answer to public schools’ every question — that stretched a double out of a dribbler. Unfortunately, tragically, his answers for the nation’s schools remain the end of every …

The Myth of “Choice” in New Orleans by Karran Harper Royal

Posted on by admin

In recent days, as John White has been appointed the new head of the New Orleans Recovery School District, there has been much written about how NOLA schools have created unprecedented “choice” for parents. Here what Karran Harper Royal, founding member of Parents Across America – New Orleans, believes about the question of “choice”.  See also the response from a NOLA parent below. Recently, the Times Picayune published a story that said “most charter schools outperform traditional schools.” The traditional …

Obama and Duncan on South Korea: What can they be thinking?

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South Korean students get high marks on the international competitions like the PISAs.  In his State of the Union speech, President Obama said we should emulate its educational system.  Arne Duncan has repeatedly extolled South Korea as well,arguing that  parents in the United States should demand the same sort of excellence that Korean parents demand of their children. In several speeches,  he has repeated the story about how Obama asked the President of South Korea “”What is the biggest education …

John White, the next Superintendent of New Orleans?

Posted on by admin

UPDATE: his appointment was just announced; see Times-Picayune, with quotes from MBP Stringer, Irene Kaufman and me. My condolences to New Orleans. John White, NYC Deputy Chancellor, is reportedly being considered as the next Superintendent of New Orleans schools. White led the DOE’s efforts to expand charters, and to co-locate them in already existing schools. He is also a former TFA-er, and a graduate of the Broad Superintendent Academy, which has trained countless controversial superintendents, including many that have received …

A refresher course in how Arne Duncan failed in Chicago

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by Dora Taylor For Arne Duncan’s record, I  would recommend going through Catalyst’s In-Depth report of his Renaissance 2010, the plan that he rolled out as CEO of the Chicago Public School system. He heralded his plan as a success and his appointment to Secretary of Education was based on this so-called “success”. He then took that model of Renaissance 2010 and projected it onto school districts around the country, re-titling it “Race to the Top”. The results of this …

Test Season

Posted on by pagrundy

Pamela Grundy ‘Seen from the ‘Rock ( This spring, along with the dogwoods and the pollen, Mecklenburg County has been hit by waves of standardized tests. It’s the season of pay for performance, the latest fad in a long line of efforts to change American education from the top down. State standardized tests already consume a good chunk of the school year, when you count the weeks of focused preparation, the drawn-out process of making sure that every child is …

What's happened in Florida in the past three weeks; read it and weep!

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by Rita Solnet As promised, here’s what happened in the past three, sad, never-to-be-forgotten weeks in Florida as it relates to public education. SB 736 ENACTED: 1)  Teachers will have 50% of their evaluations based on student’s standardized test scores (FCATs). This is effective immediately and impacts every teacher.  Anyone who does not teach Reading or Math will receive a score based upon a calculation of all the teachers.  So, to be clear,  teacher’s salaries, their ability to be re-hired for one more year, …

Sign our petition to Congress against education cuts now!

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In states and districts all over the country, public school budgets are being slashed to the bone, and class sizes have increased at unprecedented rates, despite the fact that smaller classes have been shown to improve outcomes for all students, particularly our neediest children. Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives has proposed cutting federal aid to education by nearly $11 billion, which would lead to even larger classes, hurt millions of students, and cause the layoffs of more teachers and …